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African voodoo gods

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African voodoo gods

This was so because "Voodoo's" philosophical structure, and its ritual and cultural manifestation, emphasized the warrior gods who sustained and directly aided the Africans in their long struggle toward freedom. It was in this respect that the priesthood weld considerable power as they did in Africa.(Doctor Strange III#17/2, 20/2)- The connection of the African gods to Voodoo was revealed from the Book of the Vishanti, as the creation of the first Brother Voodoo was depicted when Sagbata allied with Chthon to create zombies. (Thor I#301)- Thor visited Ala, where he successfully petitioned Buluku for a portion of the life energies to revive ...

Dec 15, 2009 · Eleggua- god of crossroads and communication; Ezili- goddess of love; Gorilla God/Ghekre- god of judgement; Kibuka; Legba- god of gateways; Lusa- god of the sun; Mahu- goddess of the moon; Moondog; Nana; Ogun- god of war; Oya- goddess of wind; Sagbata- god of death and disease; Shango- god of thunder and lightning; Anansi . Real name is Kwaku Anansi; God of wisdom and trickery PHOTO CAPTION - The Santero officiates before the "canastillero" in which the African gods dwell. Here the practices of Santeria are conducted. This is the room of the saints. Seen on top are Obatalá, Ochosí and Ochún. ... the santero or priest of voodoo is permitted to "change the head". This ritual consists of offering up prayers in the ...

Voodoo: A religion that is derived from African polytheism and ancestor worship (Merriam- Webster) Gris-gris: An amulet, charm, or spell of African origin (Webster dictionary) Loa: Spirits in Voodoo religion. Legba: He is the most important spirit, who gives or denies permission to speak to the other spirits.