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S1813 photoresist recipe

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S1813 photoresist recipe

1 Spin speed: ≤ 7000 rpm Cover: Close, middle or open (with some speed limitations) Wafer Chuck: diam. 100 mm max and small pieces (only vacuum fixation) Recipes: Selection and edition with touch screen display Hot Plate: 250 °C max, diam. 152 mm max Vacuum contact baking Solar-Semi OC ST22 Use: Photoresists spin coating Spin-coater with integrated hot plate 2Shipley S1813 on Aluminum Photolithographic Process for S 1813 Positive Photoresist on Al Coated Si Wafer. Clean Al Coated Wafers ... Choose the proper recipe, recipe 5 for the Headway spinner and recipe 6 for the Brewer spinner, and press start. Resist spun at 5000 rpm to give a thickness of about 1.35 µm. ...

Positive Photoresist. Negative/IR Photoresist. S1805. S1813. AZ P2640. SPR 220-7.0. AZ 5214E. nLof 2035. All SU8s. NUFAB's inventory. 19 Lithography at NUFAB: For Beginners and the Experienced 4/19/2019

Remove adhered water molecules from the substrate using a 200C hotplate bake (5 min). 2. Spin LOR-3A at 500 rpm (2 seconds) followed by 3000 rpm (35 seconds) 3. Bake on hotplate at 170C for 5 minutes 4. Spin on Shipley S1813 photoresist at 500 rpm (2 seconds) followed by 5000 rpm (35 seconds) 5.photolithography, positive photoresist S1813 was spin coated onto graphene at 4000 rpm for 45 s and soft baked at 115 °C for 1.5 min. Karl Suss MJB3 contact mask aligner was used to transfer the pattern from the mask to the photoresist layer.